Structural Changes and Elections 2018: We Will Be Mostly Fine

Nearly all is finally getting well in Pakistan.

The events of the last few months have spurred many an analyst to hypothesize that things are about to go to hell any day now and the government is in collapse. The truth, however, is far from that. Continue reading “Structural Changes and Elections 2018: We Will Be Mostly Fine”


China’s Asian Ascent: Why Asia is moving in to China’s Corner

china-imageAs the new government takes shape in Washington, the situation in South China Sea is fast evolving in to a walk over for Chinese hegemony. The July 12 ruling by the International Court on South China Sea was sweeping to say the least but what followed that ruling i.e. the reactions by all involved as well as major stake holders, points to rapidly changing dynamics of the region. To add fuel to fire, the foreign policy faux paus of the new president elect in the US haven’t helped to address the growing concerns of traditional US allies in East Asia. The ‘Taiwan call’ may have sold well in the US, but its aftermath has been swift and ongoing. Since the call, the Chinese military has flown missions over contested islands and seized a US naval drone in international waters. Going forward in these conditions, what can we expect in East Asia and the South China Sea region?  Continue reading “China’s Asian Ascent: Why Asia is moving in to China’s Corner”

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