Adnan_I am a Doctoral Candidate (ABD) at the Department of Political Science, Georgia State University. My research interests concentrate on comparative politics and international relations. I am particularly interested in exploring the role of institutions and institutional design in democratization efforts.

My dissertation project examines the role of bureaucracies and institutions play in democratization. My research argues that the quality of bureaucracy has a direct impact on democratization and its consolidation. Furthermore, institutional design is dependent on bureaucratic strength and will falter in its absence, damaging democratic consolidation. To back up my argument, my dissertation project includes detailed case studies of Turkey, Pakistan, and Taiwan as evidence.

My other research interests include survival of populist authoritarian regimes through bureaucracy and judiciary, understanding the relationship of bureaucracy with different players during the democratic transition process, regional organizations’ limits to integration and minority groups’ political influence in the US.

I am also a regular contributor to various media organizations. Details of those contributions can be found under the relevant menu links.


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